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Technology Authority is a tech blog that focusses on producing quality content at regular intervals. We have many authors and writers who write for us based on our criteria which will be mentioned below. If you want to write and submit tech guest posts on genuine topics that are both trending and have some SEO value for us. By contributing to our platform, you will grow with the best audience and you get a chance to showcase your portfolio. But no link building is accepted for such submissions.

There must be hundred of guest blogging sites out there right? But this one looks special, doesn’t it? And reason being is it has become a brand in a short span of time just because the committment of our team is above anything for producing quality content. Everybody knows that guest bloggers want to publish an article for the sake of adding their link in the article. So, if you are interested in any sort of collabration with us. Do, share your queries or idea submissions. Just start writing to us via the contact form or email given below.

Make sure that before you reach us out. Do, read the submission guidelines otherwise your email won’t be entertained.

Content Submission Guidelines & Criteria

Here is a list of content submission guidelines to follow. If your content meets this criteria, it will be live within no time:

Topic Idea Pitch: Your first email to us should contain an idea about the blog and list of topics you would like us to select from.

List of acceptable topics: If you are sending us the pitch, make sure the topic is only tech oriented. Can be related to news, How-to, tricks and tips, entertainment, gaming, gadgets, reviews, guides and digital marketing.

Original Content: First and foremost, no content with even 0.01 percent plagiarism will be accepted. So, make sure when you send your article use Copyscape to check for plagiarism.

SEO Optimized: We don’t need random topics which have no SEO value for the blog. Make sure when you send us the article, you have got a low competitive keyword with high search volume and it has to be used organically in the content.

Content Formatting: It is pertinent here that you don’t send us poorly formatted articles. Articles need to have proper headings, subheadings, annotations, references, etc.

Sentences and paragraph criteria: We don’t expect your written content to be a piece of fluff which nobody would like to read. So, make sure before you send us your article or even begin writing on a topic for us. Consider that sentences should not be longer than 12 words and paragraphs not be longer than 35 words to be maximum. The least the better.

Content Tone: Content needs to be written in active voice rather than passive voice and we don’t want jargons in your article. It should be written in simple english language which anyone can understand and shouldn’t be organizational tone. Also, no promotional unless your article comes under sponsored category.

Internal and External links: If you want to promote a brand, or link any page which is promotional rather than the information it won’t be for free. You have to add at least 3 internal links to the existing technology authority blogs and 1 or 2 high authority external links for references or quoting facts and figures etc.

Sponsored posts: We also understand that brands want to get their product reviews or promotions on our site. Yes, we are definitely open to such opportunities. Every sponsored post will be optimized the same as mentioned above but it will cost a price of $40 for publishing with single do-follow the link. Any free post, if passes our publication criteria will get outbound links but will be marked as “no follow”.

Rich Media: You are most welcome to add any gifs, pictures, video embedded links in your article to support the writing and make it more visually and user-centric. But make sure you provide the links below for credits.

Editorial rights: Any article published on our site will be the sole property of the Technology Authority. Also, we have the right to edit any of the articles on our site and also content that has been sent for publishing.

How to Submit Content at Technology Authority:

Just as mentioned above, draft a email. There must be a proper subject for tech guest post contribution at our site. Then you should have your introduction and topic ideas list with your approach towards writing content. We want to see how much your knowledge is for world of technology and its derivatives.

Reach us out here: Teamtechnologyauthority@gmail.com or use the contact form given below to reach us out immediately.

Standard time for email response is 1-2 days.

Note: Do not send us articles in the first email, we won’t respond you. Also, sending an article after even topic acceptance doesn’t mean your article will be published. It will only be published if your article meets content criteria.

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